The Ellis Trust provides funding for our scholars at Philadelphia public and charter high schools to have meaningful experiences and opportunities. These grants go towards strengthening their academic skills, developing their character, perfecting their talents and helping them discover who they are and who they hope to be.

We also award grants to help cover basic school-related needs, such as uniforms and supplies.

Explore Your Interests

Participating in after-school, weekend or summer enrichment programs is a great way to have fun while building knowledge, character, and skills that will help you succeed in life. Enrichment programs can allow you to:

Find your voice. 

Do you dream in movie scenes? Does life read like a novel to you? Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find an outlet for your artistic voice, whether it is through acting, storytelling, filmmaking, creative writing or another medium.

Become a leader. 

If you have ambitions of assuming a leadership role in business or in your community, develop the necessary interpersonal, communication and management skills that you will need to do so.

Explore your dream career. 

Jump start your future and explore career paths that interest you. Programs across the country offer high school students a chance to learn about a wide spectrum of careers, including nursing, business, biomedical science, engineering, information technology, computer science, architecture, veterinary medicine, the arts and many more.

Prepare for college. 

How would you like to get a taste of college life before you finish high school? A number of top colleges and universities across the country offer programs that allow you to live on campus and take classes. There are also programs that can help you prepare to take college admissions tests or build skills that will help you excel in the college admissions process.

Build an art portfolio.

Are you a budding Botticelli? A rising Rodin? Philadelphia is home to many outstanding art schools and colleges that offer a broad range of fine, visual and graphic arts courses and workshops that can help you channel your creativity.

Find out what you’re made of.

Discover your inner strength, build self-esteem, and enjoy a sense of independence as you embark on challenging expeditions in the outdoors and learn how to persevere in the face of challenges. A number of organizations offer wilderness adventures and other opportunities for self-discovery.

What is your dream?

Let us know and we will help you make it happen. We encourage you to review our list of program suggestions outlined below and select the one(s) that interests you, or research programs on your own.

Application Timeline

Public and Charter High School Students can complete the Enrichment Grant application to become Ellis Scholars anytime throughout the year, and are accepted on a rolling basis. Students must be accepted as Ellis Scholars before applying for any enrichment grants. A new application will be made available in April of each year. Students must reapply when the new application is open each year to renew their eligibility.

For more detailed information about eligibility, check out our FAQ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Extracurricular Programs

Lifelong interests and new passions can develop with extracurricular opportunities outside of school hours. See how Ellis-associated activities can broaden young girls’ exposure to fields like the arts, athletics, academics, and STEM.

Career & Leadership Development

Our affiliated career programs let girls explore potential career options and earn leadership positions outside of school. Take a look at what could be in store for your student with some past programs below.

These lists are designed to start your thinking. If you haven’t found one you like, you may also consider programs not included in this list. Please contact us for more information.

Once accepted as an Ellis Trust Scholar, students can fill out the Enrichment Grant Request form at any time to receive funding for a specific program/activity with an approved program provider.

Please note that in order for an enrichment program/activity to receive funding on behalf of an Ellis Scholar from the Ellis Trust for Girls, the program must be in compliance with all Ellis Trust requirements.  Funding is not guaranteed and no funding will be disbursed unless a program is approved by the Ellis Trust to receive funding from the Trust.

Back to School Award

Every year, the Back to School Award is available for public and charter high school students who apply and are approved for the Ellis Enrichment Grant by October 31st. This award is given to our scholars to purchase school related items such as school uniforms, basic school apparel, and supplies needed for the new school year. Approved students will need to sign an agreement to receive the award and will need to supply copies/photos of their receipts for the purchases made with this award. Eligible students will receive notification about the Back to School Award once they are approved.

Teachers, Counselors & Community-Based Organizations

If you are a teacher, a high school guidance counselor or work with an organization that serves young women, we need your help. Your daily work with Philadelphia-area girls puts you in a unique position to reach students who may be eligible for an Ellis Trust grant. If you know of any young women who meet our eligibility requirements, please encourage them to apply. Our aim is to provide as many girls as possible with the resources and opportunities that will prepare them for success in their college and career endeavors.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility and the application process.